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Biological Soil Testing

As Soil Foodweb Advisors who work closely with Dr. Elaine Ingham, PhD, our aim is to assist you with understanding and increasing soil microbes. We recommend a basic soil test that analyzes numbers of active and inactive soil biology, including bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and root-feeding and switcher nematodes.

One of the great bonuses of this particular test, is that it selects for the type of plant you are growing. In other words, if you are growing corn, you will get a read-out that reflects the best soil habitat for corn, and will direct you on ways to remediate the soil biology to ensure your corn will flourish.

Are your weeds looking healthier than your grapes? Biological Soil Testing will give you the answers to solve that problem. Grapes have very different bacteria:fungi relationships than weeds. Find out what microbes are needed to correct the soil to get your grapes thriving.

The technique we use is far more accurate over plate counts, which is what you will be getting with any other soil test.  Not only will you get an accurate readout of the status of your soil health according to the plants you want to grow, you’ll understand the pounds of Nitrogen that will become available to your plants by the biology alone.

We work with Soil Foodweb Oregon.  In addition to helping you with proper soil sampling, we offer all our clients our soil test discount.

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